You’re worth more than you realize

As wisdom has stated: The pen is mightier than the sword and urban wisdom states: a Gloc-9 is mightier that a switch-blade. You don’t want to be caught with just a switch-blade in the wrong part of Rio!

When I need my resources at hand, I don’t want be fumbling around in my toolkit. The most powerful tool is an attitude of mind. It’s never the tool but the discerning mind which selects the right tool.

Example: Mind over Matter:-

Notice how matter took care of matter? I, the Being, did nothing. The body, made of 5 elements, dealt with the same unruly elements of fire, water, wind, earth… All I did was apply my power of discernment and supervise. I applied the right power at the right time to govern that situation.

My actions were accurate. I didn’t waste energy. I remained detached.

In Raj Yoga, we call this being a Detached Observer.

I, the soul, sit behind the eyes and govern my world in peaceful observation. Every living creature does this, it’s just that most of us don’t know it, much less, how to live in the assurance that I belong to God, or that the world turns according to my best interests.

I am meant to be a powerful self-ruler.

In today’s murli, God speaks:

The Father has given everyone the decorations of specialties, virtues, powers and jewels of knowledge, but you don’t all use them at the right time.

In this secular world we’ve given each other limited titles, slavish occupations, the restrictions of gender, race, politics, social caste, age, education, money, self-respect, loans I can’t afford to pay back, diseases, grief, greed - if you’re still reading this, forgive me for sullying your beautiful mind - lust, pride, alcohol, parking tickets, bills I can’t afford to pay… You can see where this is going. All of these burdens are related to this physical world of matter. All have been generated within creation; not by the Creator.

God, the Creator, decorated His children with spiritual powers. We’ve simply forgotten how to use them.

All of you have all of these decorations. Each specialty and virtue has its own importance according to the time. If, while having them, you don’t use them, then, although they are invaluable, they have no value.

For whatever task you need to imbibe a specialty, that particular specialty is valuable at that time.

The soul has innate powers that include, the power to discern, the power to tolerate, to love, and to forgive. These powers aren’t acquired or attained. No one has more tolerance than I do. My powers need regular exercise, that’s all.

I first use my power to discern, then the rest follow on command.

Become a powerful ruler again - Learn Raj Yoga meditation

Om shanti

If you've ever asked: Who am I? Who do I belong to? Where do I come from? Or, why are we here? You might recognise the Truth.

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