The Truth Shall Set You Free

So why settle for less?

Brahna Baba

Do you know what it is to tie yourself in knots and continue that way, as though it’s normal?

You might spot your behaviour in one of the 2 following examples:

Ex:1: I used to work in the fitness and leisure industry where the usual complaint was ‘no parking space’. Oh, the irony! To drive to a job which makes you unfit, sit all day, earn the money to pay for a car, drive to the gym to regain your health, spend your money on membership and then complain about no parking spaces.

My friend, it isn’t the carpark that’s making you grumpy!

Ex: 2: The path of devotion. Or, more specifically, the act of worship.

Recording of time began with the search for God. Ever since Abraham, people have searched everywhere for peace. We’ve worn out our foreheads in prayer and worn down our feet as pilgrims, yet found nothing but temporary comfort.

Since God is remembered by human-kind as loving, peaceful and benevolent, by knowing Him, these qualities should become our qualities.

For Brahma Kumaris, the search is over. We are in receipt of God’s knowledge. His knowledge is our inheritance. We are studying Raj Yoga meditation as taught by God, Himself.

A Raj Yogi knows the difference between thinking about God and having an actual relationship with Him.

We do not worship God. God is our mate!

You know when your best friend says the very thing you were about to say? It’s as though you read each others minds. That’s what it means to be a Raj Yogi and to meditate on God; with God.

The soul of God is as real as I am. And, He’s gorgeous!

In today’s murli, God spoke and explained the difference between spiritual ‘knowledge’ and blind devotion:

That (devotion) is the philosophy of the scriptures, whereas, this is spiritual knowledge.

I have now given you intellects with which to judge between right and wrong. The Father says: You have been creating sacrificial fires, doing tapasya, making donations, performing charity and also reading the scriptures. Is there anything in those scriptures?

People earn a lot by reading the scriptures, etc. They would place a Granth in a small alcove, read a little of it and that would satisfy them. That is not correct knowledge. Only the one Father gives you correct knowledge.

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The original and greatest love affair is that of the soul and the Supreme Soul.