Q: What Does A Raj Yogi Do All Day?

A: Karma Yoga!

The Ladder

We students of Raj Yoga have early morning meditation to connect with and draw strength from the Divine. We sometimes call this deep concentrated state the ‘seed stage’ of the soul.

Karma Yoga: During the day, the fruit of that seed takes the form of elevated actions. Karma is simply the Hindi word for action, so a karma yogi is one who acts whilst in connection with the Divine.

Charity: As we can all testify, negative behavior can have a devastating effect on the atmosphere and inspire bad behavior in others - not just people but animals and even the elements of nature. Whereas, positive, elevated actions are charitable, that is, they only serve to bring benefit to everything around me. ‘Charity begins at home’, so I wake up early and work on myself first!

Why perform charitable actions?

We brahmin souls took the first of our 84 births in the land that’s now called India (previously Bharat). After so many births, we’re now spread all over the world. When we first took form (in this physical world) we lived in a world created by God, or, more specifically, our own divinized consciousness. A divine consciousness is a kingdom. We could only describe such a state as paradise; or heaven!

After a few births we souls forgot the Father, forgot our origins and started to follow our own dictates, (ego, greed…) and eventually the dictates of others, ie, religious leaders, celebrity culture…). This confusion takes us further into degradation and peacelessness.

The fact is, ALL these changes take place in human consciousness. Not outside; but inside! Behind the eyes.

Why do I need God?

In this irreligious world, everything separates me from my original truth. Without God, I quickly fall under the influence of the 5 vices known collectively as Maya: Ego. Lust. Attachment. Greed. Anger. These 5 vices and their progeny, jealousy, desire, competition worry... create a world of sorrow. A vicious world of conflicting ideas is referred to as Ravan’s kingdom.

In today’s murli (originally read in India in the 1960’s) Brahma Baba uses the example of foreign occupation to illustrate human consciousness:

He then goes on to say:-

Now is the time for charity.

Om Shanti

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