Is There More To Life Than God?

Yes, but if you don’t eat your greens, you can’t have dessert!

In yesterday’s blog, Angel. Myth or Reality? we looked at the subtle components of the ‘soul’ and were able to see that the soul and God are the same but for the fact that God is never weakened by the system of birth and rebirth. Unlike the rest of us, God remains almighty, all the time.

Through the ancient practice of Raj Yoga, God Himself teaches brahmins the ways and means to become whole, as we once were.

All students have some idea of what they are studying for and what they are becoming. Since I am a spiritual student, I must have an aim and objective.

So, is God the highest grade I can attain?

In today’s murli, God speaks:

Remember Me as much as possible. I tell you the essence of all the vedas and scriptures. (In the previous world cycle) I taught you Raj Yoga through which you attained your reward of heaven. (The deities) Lakshmi and Narayan were made so by God. You are now studying this deep study.

The Father says: Become soul conscious. The Supreme Spirit gives knowledge to the spirit children through meditation.

All the rest is the path of devotion; it is not the path of knowledge.

On the never-ending path of devotion:-

They continue to call everyone Baba (Swami). Everyone is God! You (students) now understand that a human being cannot be God.

A human being could only make me equal to themselves whereas souls who were recreated by God would be master gods and goddesses and they would rule his creation; paradise!

Move over, Lakshmi!

Learn Raj Yoga meditation

The original and greatest love affair is that of the soul and the Supreme Soul.