God Needs a Wife - Pure & Fertile

"You souls are My children."

...after taking rebirth, you have completed the cycle...the Father has come to give you your inheritance once again.

By His own introduction, the soul of God is just that; a soul.

Unlike His children, God never takes a body in the form of flesh and never enters the cycle of karma that is; the world drama.

A Raj Yoga student knows that much but deep down all of God’s children know that He is our Father. We don’t all have a relationship with Him but we do all know who He is.

We know of Him; thanks to His wives!

The World Family

Respectively, we all became spiritually aware through the founders of our own religious path, Abraham, Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, et Al. Those founders of worldly religions were pure 'new' souls who paved the way for the millions who followed to create the dynasties of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc.

Spiritual Connection

As God states in the Gita "you souls are My children", but how does a spirit speak to a body?

In order to nourish His babies a father relies on the body of his wife. The spirit Father is no different! First He adopts these religious founders and through them - the rest of His children are able to keep sight of Him and maintain their spiritual discipline.

In today’s Murli, the Father reminds us that between each birth we shed the body, the role and our families.

"... a soul plays a part through a body".

When a soul sheds his body and changes his name, form, place and time, his whole family changes.

Each branch of religion is established by its followers and before Abraham (2500 years ago) there was God’s creation, the original deity religion. That was founded in 1937 through Prajapita Brahma (pictured above).

In today’s Murli to Raj Yogis’:

God (the Father) cannot tell you anything without Brahma.

At this time, you understand very clearly that you are God’s children. Then, in flesh form, you are the children of Prajapita Brahma.

***Om Shanti***

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BK Emma

BK Emma

The original and greatest love affair is that of the soul and the Supreme Soul.