What Did He Actually Do For us?

The answer: Nothing.

He shows us how to do things for ourselves though. That is, how to save the world; and then rule it!

He somehow saves the entire human world by simply refreshing the human intellect.

Then, for what seems like eternity, we don’t see Him again…

In the Gita, God refers to Paradise as the “golden age” of humanity. A time when divine beings who ruled themselves were adored by the elements and so ruled the world with the virtue of purity.


In the scriptures that followed, God is given many titles: Allah, Jehovar , Ishwar, etc. And His memory is kept aflame by religious founders, Abraham, Buddha, Christ, etc. And their followers.

In devotion it is remembered:

He destroys all the innumerable religions and establishes one religion and one kingdom.

To most devotees, this memory of God’s power has become vague and meaningless but as students of raj yoga, we’re regaining the faculty to extract the essence of this memorial.

My parents marriage.

My dear mother and father had such different values that their joint creation, our family, was eventually severed by two different opinions. Like two kings ruling different states, they were two separate authorities. With no unity between the creators, there was no stability for their creation and eventually we all went our separate ways. We’ve always battled to reestablish the harmony we once had.

Human cooperation can move mountains.

The power we find in collaboration comes from having one aim and therefore, one authority. Like the combined voices of a gospel choir or the endearing chant of football supporters, when souls are united in praise of one source, the whole world can feel it.

In today’s murli, God speaks

By remembering the Father your intellects will become golden. Everyone’s intellect has now become dirty, iron aged.

Raja yoga is the study of the self while in loveful meditation with God. This ultimate pilgrimage takes place via the intellect not through a guru and temples are only memorials of divine beings.

Divine beings who studied raj yoga and became pure!

God speaks

The children of the blind are blind. Everyone continues to search and stumble around for God and yet they find nothing. They make a lot of effort; some poor helpless people even give up their lives. They offer sacrifices to the deities in order to please them.

The Spiritual Father

All souls seem to recognise and love God. Even people who remain distant from Him can recognise His personality in others.

God is the one Supreme Soul, you and I are embodied souls. To a brahmin, God is accessible anytime with soul-conscious awareness.

God speaks:

At this time, all are body conscious.

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***Om Shanti***



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