All The Wise And Holy-Men Are Unhappy...

...and all of them want peace.


Do you remember what occurred when Alice met the Cheshire cat?..

You might agree; advice is meaningless to a free spirit with no discernible purpose.

Until 2017 when I stumbled onto the path of Raj Yoga I always seemed to be in need of a signpost or someone’s advice but, a bit like the cat’s advice to Alice, it didn’t matter which direction I took because my only destination was “somewhere else”.

I would cherry-pick quotes from motivational thinkers but ultimately found my true path with the right meditation practice. On Day-1, Raj Yoga led me straight to self-realization and Day-2 led me to God!

I was surprised, too. I thought He’d be big and angry but it turns out; He’s the cutest thing ever!

There’s nothing new under the sun.

I don’t know who coined this phrase but the original version was spoken by God in the Gita:

There are many creations within the Creation.

We children of the Creator are master creators too. We can’t help ourselves. A thought is a creation > it then takes the form of words > then movement and the result of this process is an action.

The first action was thought.

Who created the thought?

I did. That is, I, the soul, the master of this body.

From where did the thought originate?

From whatever source is feeding my intellect. Good or bad, whether my creation brings benefit or not; depends on me, the master creator.

The Master creator — the soul.

A soul in a body, performing actions on the world stage; is an actor.

The study of Raj Yoga teaches us that we are all actors on this world stage. I, the immortal soul leave this body and the role I’ve been playing, ie, male, female, doctor, neighbour, etc. and take on another according to the actions I’ve performed.

In today’s murli, God speaks:

Everyone experiences sorrow. No human beings know who the Father is or what inheritance you receive from the Father. They don’t know God at all. They continue to stumble around searching for peace.

Who says that they want peace of mind? It is souls who say this, but people don’t know; they are body conscious.

All human beings of the world remember the one God.

The Father is now teaching you Raja Yoga. You children (Raj Yogis) know that it is not a human being, sage or holy man who is teaching you. God is teaching you. He is the Father, the Teacher and the true guru; He is everything.

Inside you and me there is an ocean of peace and happiness. We (lost souls) must learn the method to access our own birthright.

This is the aim and objective of ancient meditation.

Learn Raj Yoga

***Om Shanti***



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BK Emma

BK Emma

The original and greatest love affair is that of the soul and the Supreme Soul.