All Human Beings Remember God

You remember Him because He did you a favour.

  1. Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here? If I can’t answer these fundamental questions then what’s my purpose? I get up, I eat; but why?
  2. The Bagwad Gita — the original scripture — could only have been spoken by God, yet, overtime the name God has been replaced with Krishna. In some of the many different versions it is even written, ‘God Krishna speaks’… whereas, Krishna is part of creation; not the Creator. Can I claim an inheritance from my brother-soul? No. My brother can, at best, make me equal to himself and since he’s also searching for truth, neither of us make any lasting progress.
  3. Shivohum. On the path of devotion, this common declaration means: I am God. God is in me. God is in you, etc. But, if the Almighty is everywhere, why isn’t peace, love and happiness everywhere too? Where’s salvation?

Om Shanti



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BK Emma

The original and greatest love affair is that of the soul and the Supreme Soul.