The real explanation…

Soul Consciousness

“I” am a soul.

I, the soul, have a body.

My body has a heart and a brain. Those are it’s organs.

I, the soul, have a mind and an intellect. These are my organs.

The body is made of matter. It changes and it’s perishable.

I, the soul, am subtle. A spirit, constant and indestructible.

Since “I” identify more with a body of matter, my mind is connected to matter.

But, matter is always changing…

I, the yogi soul, have learned to connect my mind to my spiritual origins. To my supreme Father, God.

He’s the only One in the universe who doesn’t change or perish. I belong to Him.

I, the raj yogi, already have a peaceful mind, I simply have to relearn that and how to take my mind Home.



According to God:

From divine beings, you start to follow human beings and become humans.

In today’s murli to His children the Brahma Kumaris, the Spirit Father, God, reminds us neither to ponder nor have love for this physical world so that we don’t keep perishable thoughts in the intellect.

We know from studying raj yoga meditation that I, the soul, will be entirely influenced by the most dominant thought in my mind.

We also know that as a soul I am immortal, whereas, this body I occupy is perishable. As are all material supports, including friends and even relatives.

All are perishable, except me. And God.

Even this moment just passed by, didn’t it?



BK Emma

The original and greatest love affair is that of the soul and the Supreme Soul.